Special Buys

We were heading “Off The Grid” recently, literally to a place with no phone reception or power. It was a warm and sunny Saturday. We’d been planning the trip for a few weeks. We were going to the snow for the afternoon with friends to celebrate one of the kids birthdays. The kids were super excited as it was Mini Tech’s first time to the snow. And Mr Tech and I were looking forward to a break from digging holes.

As I’m writing this, I’ve just realised we live in an a truly awesome spot! It literally takes us an hour to get to the snow or approximately an hour in the opposite direction to get to the beach. This bush living does have it’s perks!

Anyways, we had a slight detour along the way to grab some snow boots and ski gloves for Miss Life as she’d outgrown hers. We stopped in for a flying visit to Aldi, their special buys are always worth the trip. Mr Tech ran off to grab the coffees with Mini Tech while Miss Life and I hit the shop in search for our list.

We’d tried on a couple of pairs of boots, all was going well and then I saw it… On the bottom of the Special Buys trolley, it was bright, it was shiny, it was on SPECIAL! Lunging at the special to end all specials, I went to grab it and heard a loud and familiar “SNAP”! Mid-crouch, tears started falling from my my face and pooling on the ground. I was stuck, wondering how to get the rest of the way up. I took a deep breath, moved ever so timidly then another “SNAP” and a “POP”.

It felt like my leg had come out of it’s knee socket!!! Sobbing, I handed my phone to Miss Life and asked her to call Daddy. She looked at me so sweetly and said “Mummy, I want to, but your phone is locked and I don’t know the code”. A lady next to me kindly offered her help, but I said no, not even knowing what I needed. The pain was so severe, I knew I’d well and truly stuffed it this time. I was doing everything in my power not to ugly cry in front of everyone in the shop. The slightest movement, brought upon sounds of a wailing cow mid-birthing a calf… Remember the Orchard incident… https://wp.me/p8QwoL-BX

I called Mr Tech who rushed back but it truly seemed like an eternity as I was standing on one leg, knuckles turning white holding onto the freaking specials trolley. He managed to find a wheelchair and we called an ambulance. It was then that I realised I wasn’t going “Off The Grid – on a Snow Adventure” anymore.

The ambulance arrived over an hour later as I was triaged at the bottom of the list because I had no bones protruding through my skin… I was taken to hospital and triaged again, watching everyone come in after me and be seen before me. I asked a nurse with tears pouring down my face, trying not to pass out from the pain when I might be seen. It was so different this time… She said – “You’re next”.

I was in, I was relieved. Except, I still couldn’t move. They asked me to hop onto the bed. Were they kidding?!!! There was no way! I could barely move my toes. More painkillers were provided along with more water at which I wondered how I could possibly go to the toilet in my current condition… A memory that faded quite quickly as I felt a sharp jab of something pointy in my arm which hurt like hell – but not as bad as my knee. Some time passed and I managed to get on to the bed.

A doctor came in, poked my knee, I screamed in pain. I didn’t see that doctor again. Two wonderful nurses came in and looked after me and another doctor with much nicer bed manners treated me. It was a suspected LCL injury and I had to go to my specialist. Mr Tech and the kids came to pick me up after their “Off The Grid – Snow Adventure”. The kids had an awesome time and I was grateful that they didn’t sit, watching Mummy at the hospital. That’s really no fun for anyone… Although I’m sure they would have loved to run amok. I adore how little kids can find the best moments regardless of the circumstance. The drugs were definitely working.

The swelling is horrific. It amazes me how much your skin can stretch… A week later and after some further tests including xrays, ultrasounds and an MRI, I’ve discovered I need emergency surgery. Nanny OTG has just arrived to help with the littlies, while I head in for surgery.

So, apologies in advance for either inundating your feeds with stories, photos and bit and bobs while I wear a divet in the bed from recovery. Or, talk to you in a few weeks when the drugs wear off!!

This was not the Special Buy that I came for.

Till next time,

Love, Mrs Life Xx

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