Ice Ice Baby

This morning I woke up and Google kindly greeted me, as she does every morning, “Good morning, the current temperature is -1 degree. It feels like… -7. Have a great morning!”

What Google?! Great morning?! -7!!! Are you for real?! I carry on with my morning, which starts with Mini Tech chucking a tantrum because he wants something he can’t have. I remind myself that he’s just 2 and he’s probably unhappy with the temperature as well. I then attempt to wake up Miss Life, who is NOT a morning person. I remind myself, I wouldn’t be either, had it not been for my early rising children…

I continue with my morning chores and getting ready, then remember, I haven’t made Miss Life’s lunch!! I run outside in my PJs, our big fridge is in the laundry/battery storage container. On the way, I wonder why my feet are soooooooo excruciatingly cold?! I look down and realise… I’m standing on a sheet of ice!!

I’ve committed now! Keep going! I get to the fridge room, which is now a walk-in cold-room as we’d accidentally left the door open overnight and there’s ice inside the door. I count my toes to see that I haven’t lost any, possibly stuck to the ice along the way… I still wonder if frostbite might get a couple.

I grab the food, jump up and down on the spot a few times to increase blood circulation, then find an old pair of shoes in the corner of the shed to run back in. On the way I realise, I failed to check for spiders, then decide that a spider wouldn’t be able to bite my toe in it’s current frozen condition anyway.

I get inside and stand on the heater until I can feel some warmth come back to my tootsies. Make lunch, then continue with my day. It’s going to be a great day!

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