The Unplanned Garden Bed

So we recently had to prepare the house for some visitors. We had a plan, had a To Do list and went about our chores ensuring everything was guest-level clean.

Why is it that you manage to find time to thoroughly clean your house when someone visits, but when noone is expected, you live like you’re in a bomb site after a boxing day sale?! Or is that just my family?

Anyways, we started cleaning, clearing and cleansing away, including decluttering! Such a good feeling getting rid of stuff! I have two rules when it comes to decluttering. 1. If it’s irreparable, it goes in the bin. 2. If it’s too small, it gets given away (or placed in kids keepsake box).

Which leads me to wonder how we’ve accumulated soooo much crap…!!

Anyways, back to the point of my story… the point is, just like this tale… We got sidetracked! I mentioned something like this to Mr Tech “hey, what if we built a garden bed out of all those pallets to make the front of the granny flat look pretty”, Mr Tech responded with “Ok!” And the rest is history! Kidding!!

So then we were carting pallets, measuring and sawing, drilling and sourcing more recycled timber (the stuff we keep because it’s not the irreparable kind…). And before we knew it, it was after lunch and we’d nearly completed our next Peperty Pallet Project.

We decided to line it with plastic so that the pallets don’t get too wet in an attempt to try and increase the garden beds and pallets life. We lined behind it as well, as it’s leaning up against the granny flat to try and deter the termites from finding an entry point to the delicious chipwood Jayco unit.

The plan is to plant some happy to sit in shade, wind and frost plants and shrubs. I purchased some Alyssum from the local garden supplier. I also have Cordyline, Clivia and Agapanthus which I can split. And a couple of little native shrubs too.

I do giggle about how much of a greenthumb I’ve become as I was quite the opposite not that long ago. I managed to kill cacti. And I kept buying more herbs and replanting them in an attempt to try again. Now, we have well over 100 species of trees, vegetables, herbs and flowers growing. And people actually ask me… ME… for gardening advice! People can change.

Back to cleaning, we got as far as we could with our garden bed which was short of staining, filling and planting it. We celebrated with a cup of tea and decided the To Do list could be tackled tomorrow.

The house did eventually get cleaned, but we also built a garden bed! Funny the things you can achieve with determination, initiative, TV for children and two days in a weekend!

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Till next time!


Mrs Life Xx

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