We’re Officially Farmers

It’s official! We’re farmers.

We moved into our little community nearly four years ago and still hear comments like “city slickers”, “you’re not really off the grid, if you’re facebooking”. I’m amazed by people’s opinions… even though I think I’ve heard most things, something will come up where I think to myself, “did they really just say that aloud?!!”.

I’ve always referred to ourselves as hobby farmers, a term that Mr Tech and I have never agreed on. He is a glass half empty kind of person, I’m a keen story teller. So when one of our baby boys started crowing in the Bumnut Factory we knew the day had finally come…

Mr Tech used his technical ingenuity to construct a metallic funnel. Nanny Life happened to be in town at the time and questioned what he was making, to which I responded “a chicken cone”, there was some awkward laughter and a glee of delight from Mr Tech when he yelled out “look, it’s finished!” followed by some non mentionable words and a heart sinking… “Not sure I can do this”.

Ten minutes later, the rooster was captured. There was no fight, as our babies are hand-raised, tame and unnamed for the purpose of being meat birds. Still, it doesn’t make the job or even just the thought of it any less difficult.

Not long after, Mr Tech came in with a fully plucked skinny but rather large looking chicken. It looked like a store bought one, only, less fattened. As it was a rooster which had started to crow, I had read that it could possibly be, quite tough. A result of the testosterone in the bird. So, I decided to slow cook it.

I seasoned it with spices and used a cup of water to give it some moisture and slow cooked it for around eight hours. The result was, tender, juicy and delicious. There’s something special about homegrown food, especially chemical free, organic and free range.

Everything on our plate, less the potatoes, was home grown. A truly momentous occasion! And one that we’re likely to do all over again soon, as while I sit here and type this, I’m listening to another start to crow…

Mr Tech is now known as Farmer Tech. But he has always been more in my eyes. And our little property has officially become a hobby farm or a homestead.

Till next time,

Mrs Life.
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