Happy Autumn

Our little family recently took a holiday away from our tiny house. We packed a couple of suitcases, organized a house and chicken-sitter and set away to Mrs Life’s hometown in far north Queensland.

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been back and it took some adjustment getting used to the slow way of life. There was no; chores to do, plants to water, chickens to feed, eggs to collect, veggies to harvest, orchard to check…

Instead, our days were filled with time at the beach, making sandcastles, swimming, cycling, catching up with friends and family. It was lovely, but we missed our house, pets and homegrown food.

Before we left for our holiday adventure, I was gifted with five stunning rose bushes. I’ve always appreciated Roses but never ever thought I’d grow them myself. I thought they were too complex to grow, so I put them in the “too hard basket”.

Since having my own Roses to take care of, I have discovered:
1. Just how beautiful they are.
2. How magnificent they smell – Their perfume while growing on their bush is divine! There’s nothing like it.
3. They are not actually that difficult to grow. Just like any plant, they have their own feeding and pruning regime.
4. How rewarding it is to see your own Rose’s growing in your front lawn!

And even as we’ve reached Autumn here in Australia our roses are still in full bloom! With bright, magnificent colours and stunning perfumes. Whilst our other deciduous trees are already dropping their leaves.

Our property allows us to try so many things that we’d only dreamed of doing. It’s so rewarding literally watching the fruits of our labour grow, ripen and multiply each year.

But at the same time, we’ve also realised that we can do these things anywhere, regardless of the size of the land, block or balcony we have.

You just have to give it a go! From little things big things grow!

I started this blog as a hobby to pass the time while I had a bub and now our Mini Tech is two! And our little blog (Facebook page, Instagram page and WordPress page) has grown too, in followers from all over the world.

So, Thank you to you! For your support, feedback, comments and sharing knowledge from your personal experiences. We appreciate you!

In the coming months, I’m looking forward to trying out my Mad Millie Hard Cheese Press in an attempt to make some cheddars, keep an eye out for the results. I’ve also been reading up on more permaculture techniques and am looking forward to trying, testing and blogging about what worked at OTG Life. Thanks to Rosemary Morrow for sharing her experiences.

We’re looking forward to sharing more adventures with you in the coming months! And thanks for sticking around while we took a little break from blogging.

From all of us at OTG Life Xx


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