Mrs Life and the Orchard Injury

It was a glorious day, the rooster was crowing, the chickens were clucking, the sun was shining, the bees were buzzing, and not so much as a whisper from the wind.

We started our day by collecting bumnuts, letting the ladies and gent out to freerange and giving them their morning scratch mix and kitchen scraps.

Mr Tech had kindly dug several holes over the weekend for our new… wait for it… Orchard! We had already planted a couple of cherry trees and my job was to fill the rest of the holes with our newly acquired fruit supplying friends.

On the weekend we purchased an array of two year old fruit trees including; apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, mulberries and apples. Along with a fig tree.

We finally came to a mutual decision on where the orchard is going, a massive feat in itself as we agonise and analyse so much over these blank canvas changing committments. We started pegging it out and digging holes and preparing the soil with a mix of compost. Turns out the spot we settled on is rich in soil, probably the only soil we’ve come across that hasn’t been riddled with rocks. Super exciting times!

So back to our perfect planting day… The Mini’s and I got to work emptying and loading up the wheelbarrow with more compost soil to top up the trees, water to feed them and all the equipment we needed.

Garden gloves on, first peach tree in! As this one grows to six meters tall I put her at the bottom of the hill, she’s also started flowering so wanted to keep her out of the wind. My thoughts are the taller trees down the bottom, shorter ones at the top for aesthetic appeal.

Onto the second tree, this time a nectarine. Nectarine in! As I’m bending down, the littlest mini trips over, I go to catch him and hear something snap in my knee. We’re both wailing, he stops because I’m way louder than him. It’s possible our neighbours wonder when we got the pregnant and now labouring cow…

I ponder for a bit and wonder whether to call an ambulance. Thinking surely it’s just a minor thing I call Mr Tech and we talk about heading into the doctor. I try to get up, oh dear, my knee collapses underneath me. I use my trusty shovel as a crutch and up end a bucket to sit on.

Mr Tech arrives to me sitting on a bucket in the middle of our unplanted “orchard”. He doesn’t dare batter a word about only having two trees in, it was only 10am… After attempting to get me in the car we decide hospital is probably the best option…

No diagnosis on the knee yet, more scans and tests to do. In the meantime, it’s giving me more time to “plan” the next OTG Life projects… Poor Mr Tech.

Till next time,
Love, Mrs Hoppy Xx

Insta: offthegridlife


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