Chickens Can Change

We had to change the nesting boxes as one of the girls took it upon herself to have an extra protein snack whilst we were away.

We can only assume it was out of boredom, as they didn’t get the opportunity to free range as much as they would if we were at home.

After researching and trying various things to stop the snacker, we came to the conclusion that we needed to get the eggs away from her. Presto! An angled tray in the egg box! Why didn’t we think of it sooner?!

Mr Tech got out the tools and started measuring, sawing and drilling away – it is a carpenter’s masterpiece. Low and behold, the girls went on strike and didn’t lay for 3 days. Obviously they weren’t as impressed as Mr Tech was with his own handiwork. It appears we have a sensitive bunch, adverse to change.

We put some hay back in the boxes and finally a couple of bumnuts organically tested out the roll-away in one piece – no cracks. Success!

Now, we just have to stop “Miss Greedy” from pecking our poor broody chook that’s been nesting on a bunch of bumnuts for the last few days.

Oh the joys of being a chicken family…! 😅😂

Till next time,

Love, Mrs Life Xx

Insta: offthegridlife

2 Replies to “Chickens Can Change”

  1. Not sure if your post is related to the title = “what-to-do-when-your-chickens-are-pecking-their-own-eggs”? Harvey Ussery says in his book it happens if the nest boxes are too low to ground level and the rooster can easily get in there to give that first exploratory peck that triggers the whole flock to follow suit. He reckons when he raised his boxes the behaviour stopped…

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