The New Ruler of the Roost

We recently got back from a short holiday (of which we actually went even further Off The Grid – from all technology and communication devices!)

When we returned I was catching up on all things social media when I saw a post I couldn’t scroll past…

One of the lovely locals had posted a picture of a gorgeous Light Sussex Rooster and was looking for a family to give him to! In other words, he was too pretty and friendly for the pot. I immediately fell in love and messaged Mr Tech to see if we could add “Ned” as he was so affectionately named by his former family, a home in our flock.

Surprisingly Mr Tech didn’t refuse! We messaged and made an appointment to see him the next day. Turns out, Ned was already in a box ready to go, so we’d just have to wait until we got home to meet our precious cargo.

We were not disappointed! Within a minute of opening the box, Ned jumped out and started crowing away. As we later discovered, he hadn’t actually crowed at all up until that minute. I’m not sure if he was unhappy with his travel arrangements or just excited to meet his lady friends, but either way… his voice has well and truly broken and he hasn’t shut up since.

We absolutely love him! The mini’s think he is divine and love to feed him meal worms. And the girls, they act like they’re in the company of a royalty.

We’re looking forward to fertilised eggs and hopefully a couple of baby chickens for our broody mums in the coming months. In the meantime, we look forward to our 4.00am wake up alarms…

Mr Tech has found his zen with the sound of a rooster crowing in the distance. Maybe he is a country boy at heart 😜

Till next time!

Love, Mrs Life Xx

Insta: offthegridlife

2 Replies to “The New Ruler of the Roost”

    1. He is!! So far, so good. Through my quick researching I read that Sussex’s are a quiet breed. We’ve been conscious of the breeds we get for the kids. I knew on at least one occasion either the toddler or bub would want to give them an over-affectionate squeeze 😅
      The hand feeding of treats is helping with the whole crew 😊

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