Too Big, or not to Big…

After the excitement of our newly newly purchased land wore off (ok, it still hasn’t), we worked out we needed something to live in…

We envisaged the grandest of Grand Design homes. Architectural masterpieces, with separate formal and informal areas, open plan living, fireplaces with masonry completed from local rock (we had tonnes of the stuff, little did we know just how many tonnes!), double story to take in the breathtaking 360 degree view and of course an infinity pool overlooking the view of Canberra.

We pencilled up some floor plans, made a wish list, wrote a must have list, googled interior and exterior designs, met with local builders, investigated companies who sell Kit Homes and even considered Prefab.

Hubs had always been fond of shipping containers, he has a soft spot for repurposing. So when he came to me with his plan of building a shipping container house, I wasn’t surprised, much… perhaps a little apprehensive… How grand can you make a shipping container house?! After some research and Googling, watching every shipping container conversion episode there was on every show, Grand Designs (Australia, UK and NZ), Better Homes & Gardens, Tiny Homes (US), I was onboard and just as excited about our Shipping Container House.

Hubs made up paper models of the containers (to miniature scale) and each night we started designing various concepts of our new home.

Concept 1


Concept 2

Design Ideas

And finally, what we built!!


It ticked some of the boxes on the must have list… 😂

Some would say it’s a bit small, and as we’ve learnt from experience Size Does Matter, especially regarding battery storage! We have however adapted to the more minimalist style of living and we have certainly become quite fond of our Tiny Home. It’s not on a trailer, but it can fit on one! And one day, IF we build our Grand Design house, our tiny home will be the perfect holiday escape, teenager retreat, mancave, parent hideaway or family space! But until then, I am proud of what hubs built and achieved all the while working a fulltime job. This is our Home.

Next up, how do you put a door into a shipping container…?


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