Is it vodka? What is that clear liquid?!

Seriously can’t contain my excitement!!! The sky is pouring! Fill my tanks you delightfully clear, delicious liquid! Anyone would think vodka is falling from the sky, that’s how excited I am! πŸ˜‚ We’ve had about 20mm in the last 24 hours which is freaking fantastic because we were just about to call our ol’ mate Dave for a much required top up of H2O.


Again, in contradiction to my excitement, the kids and I vacated this morning because… rain = no sun, which of course = no power! So we’re conserving our power by utilising McDonalds, for the indoor playground that is…!! This also means, no washing and no chores… But they can wait. At least we’ll have water to do the washing now… when it’s sunny again πŸ˜‚

It was another industrious weekend here at Peperty. Hubs finished the the plumbing to the rain water tanks (just in time!!! Maybe should have done this sooner… πŸ€”), delivered rubbish to the tip and dug the throne juice pipe into the ground. I also contributed by covering the pipe in with dirt… Hubs offered for me to use the backhoe, but I’d been with the kids for 3 days straight and had a lot of, let’s say, energy to burn… so I filled in the 150 metre trench with a good old fashioned shovel. It was awesome exercise and gave hubs some well earned time with the little cherubs πŸ˜‰ The sore glutes and rough hands were totally worth the 30 minute break πŸ˜‚

We also cracked the Camembert! One of our gorgeous friends popped in for a visit and we went for a little tour on foot to show her some of the property. Good news! Our swimming pool aka quarry still has water and will have even more now! Get to the cheese! I hear you say… In my excitement to try it, I may have brought it out of the fridge a little prematurely… It was mature, just a little early for the event! But who doesn’t love a runny, ripe rind Cam?! It was delicious, could do with a little more work… so another Camembert is underway. As they say, practice makes perfect! And I’m happy to keep perfecting this part time, taste sensation, calorific hobby.


Of course we made pizza dough, because nothing beats homemade pizza dough made with fresh cheese whey. We also made Ricotta with the remaining whey. It was whey soft, whey creamy and whey fresh! 😜

Photo opportunities are always prevalent at Peperty, more spectacular sunsets, sunrises and sun-shiny days. I made butter! Turns out it’s ridiculously easy in Soupy (Thermomix) and a fraction of the price of our regular preferred brand. We wrapped the last of the Double-cream Brie and I attempted my first batch of Pickled Cukes! I had planned on making another Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Halloumi… But Peperty wasn’t built in a day or a year…!



Of the 3 pizzas we made, below was my fave, using the fresh Whey Ricotta. You could definitely use store bought.


Ham, Avocado & Ricotta Pizza:

Your fave pizza sauce for the base (or use quick recipe below), then top with:
Ricotta Blobs
Red onion or spring onions (optional)
Pizza cheese (Parmesan, Tasty, Mozzarella)

Ricotta Blobs Recipe:

150gm Fresh Whey Ricotta
Lemon Zest (from 1 lemon)
75gm Parmesan cheese (to taste)
Salt and Pepper (to taste)
Combine all ingredients in a bowl and squish together in blobs πŸ˜‰

Pizza Sauce (quick version, combine all ingredients in a bowl and spoon onto bases):

Crushed or whole tomatoes (1/2 tin)
2 tbs tomato paste
2 tsps basil (fresh, paste or dry)
Salt & Pepper to taste

1 tsp minced garlic


Have a fantastic week gorgeous people! Xx


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