Weekend recap…

Happy Monday!! It was an icy weekend at Peperty… we awoke on Saturday morning to a blanket of white, it looked like snow… hubby was also a bit icy, turns out our batty battery problem had extended to his vehicular device aswell… the issue appears to be far worse than we’d first thought and is obviously highly contagious. Just a word of warning to anyone visiting us in the near future… 😂


In my attempt to lighten up the mood I decided what better way than through our stomachs! Because to me, happiness is food! Glorious food! So I put on a leg of pork to slow cook (recipe below) and baked a loaf of bread in the new gadget. My attempt to save money was to spend money on another appliance… 🤔 If used regularly, it should have paid itself off in about 38 more loaves… And it uses less power than the oven.

We also had some more cheesemaking on the to do list. Halloumi!!! And the whey from that, we used to make pizza dough. Best pizza dough ever!!! We used some of the remaining pulled pork on the pizzas. OMG it was truly a foodlovers weekend.

We were due to crack a camembert but hubs came down with manflu so we’ve postponed that temporarily until all his senses return.  Then we will enjoy it with a celebratory “special occasion” wine. Hoping they return sooner rather than later… I’m an impatient cheese maker, and I’m thirsty…

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

2.5 of pork leg (bone in)
1 tbs coriander powder
1 tbs cumin ground
1 tsp chilli flakes
1 tbs thyme leaves
2 tbs minced garlic
3 tbs apple cider vinegar
3 tbs Worcestershire sauce
3 tbs mustard
250ml hickory & brown sugar BBQ sauce (sweet baby rays)
200 ml water
Cracked Salt and pepper
3 medium onions

Combine all sauce ingredients (except S&P) into a small jug and stir until well combined.

Cut onions into quarters and cut fine. Place in the bottom of the slow cooker. Place half the sauce on top of onion and stir through. Place pork on top of onion. Cover pork surface with cracked salt and pepper then coat with the remaining sauce. Pour water around the sides of the pork.

Slow cook on low for a minimum of 6 hours. Remove all meat and onions. Pour liquid into a medium saucepan and reduce by half. Sauce should thicken significantly. Whilst reducing the sauce, remove the bone from the pork and shred the meat using a couple of forks. Pour the reduced sauce back into the meat and stir through.

We served on homemade fresh bread with lettuce, gouda, sauerkraut and garlic aioli.


4 Litres of unhomogenised full cream milk
2 tablets of Rennett (vegetable)
1/4 cup cooled non chlorinated water
2 ml calcium chloride

Large pot
Strainer spoon
Butter muslin
Cooking thermometer
Curd knife (I use a cake decorating knife/long blade spatula)
Strainer bowl/steaming bowl

Sterilize all utensils (including muslin) in boiling water and iodine.

Bring milk up to 45 degrees Celsius. Add in calcium chloride and stir. Add rennett into cooled water and mix until dissolved (not all will dissolve) and stir into milk. Leave in a water bath or in a warm place to maintain a 45 degree temperature for 45 minutes or longer,  until you get a clean break in the curds.

Cut the curds into 1cm cubes. Stir the curds very gently over the next 10 minutes until they reduce in size. Place your muslin into a strainer over a bowl to catch the whey. Scoop all of the curds into the muslin. Once the curds are wrapped up in the muslin, covered entirely by muslin place a bowl full of water or plate with something heavy on it. And let drain until no further liquid is coming out.

Once drained, cut the halloumi (should hold together, firm and a little rubbery in texture)  into desired sized pieces. Boil a pot of water and place the halloumi pieces in the bottom, they will sink, stir gently to ensure they don’t stick. Once they float to the surface they are cooked. Remove to a draining rack and lightly salt.

Grill in a fry pan and serve with a side of lemon. Enjoy!!!

Keep the whey to make pizza dough or ricotta.


Have an awesome week gorgeous people!! Xx


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