It’s the small things…

I have 3 things that I treasure most in the kitchen, my Soupy, my slow cooker and my kettle. But it’s not just an ordinary kettle! It’s the new version of the old school stove top ones, you know, with a whistle!! Since moving off the grid, we’re discovering just how much we used to take for granted… and boiling water in an electric device was one of them! So I found a stove top kettle which works amazing on our gas burner and warms the place up at the same time! 😉

It’s the small things…

Disclaimer: We do have another kitchen appliance that I treasure dearly… the coffee machine, but as I rate sleep as one of my top priorities, I have a no caffeine after 5pm rule. Unless the caffeine is in the form of chocolate or an espresso martini… Therefore the coffee machine is generally only used during the day, which we usually have sunlight for 😂

Happy Friday gorgeous people!!


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