Our batty battery house…


Was venturing into town today to 1. Let the batteries charge. We’ve been having technical issues of late which means that only one set of panels can be on at a time so the batteries aren’t charging as quickly as normal. So to conserve them for the night (heating) we head into town. 2. It was overcast, so even more reason to give them a break to charge.

So I got the kids and myself ready finally… anyone who has a toddler and an 8 month old would know this is not an easy or quick task, even on a good day… after politely asking my daughter for the 56th time to get her shoes and jacket so we could head out the door… I picked up the baby, the snacks that I carefully packed (this is very rare for me, I usually buy as I go if they’re hungry… other than our water) and packed the car. My daughter procrastinates worse than I do, so going to the car takes half a day… “Mum, look a rock!” “Mummmmm!!! Another rock”, me: “Bub, we live on a pile of rocks…. you’ll be 33 before you leave the house if you insist on showing me ALL the rocks… (in my head, screaming… GET IN THE CAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!! INSERT SWEAR WORDS BEFORE EVERY SINGLE WORD!!!!!) So 3 hours later, or something like that! We’re in! Buckled up and ready to drive out. But just like all funny stories start… the car doesn’t. Battery is dead, dead, dead. In my effort to save the day, I throw the car into reverse and roll it down the hill hoping that I can jump start it! Instead, the car is down the hill, kids are now crying because, the baby is well and truly overdue for a sleep and the toddler is devastated that her babycino dreams are as dead as the car battery… now we have to walk back up the hill to the house. I pacified the toddler with a homemade babycino and attempted to pacify the baby with yoghurt but in his revenge he covered me, him and the floor with ALL the yoghurt.

Is it too early to drink wine… (me at 11am).

PS. Hubby is aware, I sent him a public notice banning him from driving my vehicular device for the immediate future. I’m sure he left a door open… he drove it last!! He just got home and asked…. “what did you buy today?”……………. That’s it!!! I’m drinking that wine!!!


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